MUSIC Of Poetry

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You’re like music
A mighty mind of music
Simple notes like a silent house on a hill
A house full of love stories with twisted endings
Your lyrics aim to please
While I engage in its tease
You’re like the blowing of cool wind
The balmy evening breeze
Your forms of devotions
Represents my emotions
The only liberation
To my deliberation
The more I inject myself
I am becoming a drunken poet
Breathing too much of you
Pondering a wonderful muse
Like the redness of ruby
My heart preciously bleeds for you
Like a mystery full of beauty
You’re like a dream that is a reality
You’re an expression that I must express
The words that speaks to my soul
No need for definitions
You’re the right formation of my satisfaction
I’m an addict, an addict for poetry
Holding me down deeper then darkness
Enlightening me brighter than light
Overdose me with the truth of free style poetry
Are you listening, I hope you’re listening
I’m addicted to the love of poetry

The Demon in Me

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Love took me hostage
And I never got to see its face
There’s nothing worse
There’s nothing better
But the scars remains
Veins of the winter
The thought of love takes me over
As darkness comes closer
With this desire to murder
Every men who wishes to be my lover
I know the price of love never gets cheaper
Nothing else matters in this time and place
The night holds its breath
As my rules on love turns to death
I’ve got the devil’s black heart
What a tormented heart
Awoke today without a soul
To avoid anymore weeping
I rather live free from any feelings
We love with such strong emotions
We care with pure devotions
Only to bring pain and fears
The shame, then the tears
In this darkness I choose to live
With this demon in me
Who’s pen I write these poems
Who’s blood is the ink on this paper
Words flows like venom, tongue of a snake
The fire in her eyes could strike you dead
She comes glowing with lust and crashes love to dust
My Words got misplaced on the way
Love only saw the picture
But never understood the story that lies underneath
Love didn’t make me blind
I just couldn’t see clearly
Now the cold truth has awoken me
You made me what I am
You’ve unleashed the demon in me


Mirror Mirror

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So many questions to ask
So little answers to give
The pieces began to fall
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
Darkness fills my eyes
Craziness flows in my heart
No more blood, more like alcohol
Tic Toc I’m running out of time
My face divided into split sections
Cause I lost my sense of direction
Maybe I’ll drown myself in these tears
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
No more confident, more like self pity
I can’t apply my fake face no more, my facade of lies
You alone knows the truth
I just murdered love out my system
I see that girl in pain, who’s hope just faded away
That girl who just said goodbye to everything
That girl fighting to survive disasters, sadness
Fighting to survive hurt
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
I see this girl with big dreams
One who’s scared to break the cold and bitter night
One who only plays role but never gives out her soul
Convincing herself that’s its all fine
She don’t have to say a word, it’s in her eyes
Take me into the screaming silence of Hell
My memories are black, as a cold and lonesome night
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
A girl with a gun pointed to her as the world bang on their drum
Her soul is lost in a never-ending fight
Casting a spell for death
My will has been stolen without a fight
I’ve been tricked with a vision of paradise
I must confess I can’t escape this emptiness
I’m now questioning God , What is he about
Praying feels the same as begging
My vantage point is unstable
No place to rest this feeble soul
There’s nothing left to banish
That girl who feels the Nile of shadows passing through her window
I see the deepest thoughts within
The thoughts that tells me everyday
I’ll never shine with this caged spirit
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
I see within my soul
Nothing but empty reflection
Nothing but blames
Nothing but shame
Nothing but hate
I’m the worst at everything
I feel it in the air everything just scares me
If this what you see when you look in the mirror then something is wrong
Mirror, mirror you’re nothing but a tease
Only gives partial truth in between lies
Which makes you Satan’s Best impersonation
If you’re too tamed to overcome what you see
Then you deserve what you see

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The Story On Page One

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Mary Jane is her name
He and her have that bound
She is good, she is great
His life was empty, forever on a down
Until she came and took him
She showed him around
She did things that I couldn’t do
She gave him a free life
Mary Jane is his high
She makes him feel pretty fly
She became his best friend, his rescuer
Every puff puff with her, all his troubles went away
He would float away in a cloud and the feeling just lingered
She gives him that type of love
When the day is done and his blunt is roll
They’ll make love on the table
With her there is no time for regrets
She would slow down his heart, yet he was still breathing
She took him to another world, with his eyes looking into the horizon
Making love with her tasted better with some alcohol in his system
He love her smell, he love her taste
This is his way of relaxation, cause she was all about skipping the dose of reality
He French kissed her to inhale the feeling of immortality
Oh I tell you Mary Jane is perfection
She always calmed him down, kept him from going insane
She took over his soul
Damn Mary Jane, she even got him writing his songs
Mary is the reason why He keeps on going strong
When he’s with her, he’s no longer the same
She manipulates him with her affections
How desperate can you be you
Don’t you know she been with most men
And she always treats them the same
Sleeps with them , and quits on them
Cause she knows you’ll come crawling back to her
You literally became her slave
Don’t you see what she does to you
She’s nothing but the devil’s impersonation
How desperate can you be
When you wake up and she’s not there
The pain hurts even more, and you cry inside and out
She is full of lies
She knows you can’t handle the truth, the reality of life
She makes you feel good but so unreal
The one that keeps you from going insane, her absence drives you insane
She only makes every sin look more desirable
She won’t kill but you’ll suffocate on her deceptions
Don’t you see, she was not made for you
Don’t you see, she’s not the one for you
But you still love Mary Jane
Don’t you?


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She wanted something different
That burning desire with a flinch of emotion
His burning skin against hers
The heaviness of his silence
Two damage heart transpose into retroflection deep heat
The lighting was perfect, perfect enough to pierce her soul
His pink satin lips brushed across her neck stopping at a tender part
Every touch turned her into a whimpering mess
This teasing desire was her first
He moved real close and she felt the hotness of his breath
Her eyes seemed to move on her own
And she could taste the feeling of desire
Her hand squeezed his descent exposure, an exquisite skin tone
Her reaction to such beauty filled her with copious warm love
He felt the pulse of her hand, kept his eyes on her
He whispered her name which echoed back
His hand began to tickle up and down her back
She wrapped her legs around his waist
She stayed long enough to get a simple moan out of him
He wanted to step back but she grabbed him by the waist and spun him back into her
He looked at her, she looked at him
The message was clear, they had nothing to fear
And no there was no green in their head
Yet their bodies quivered helplessly with passion soaring
Creating this sensual fantasy, this was no mystery
It was an ultimate sensation, a thrill
Flesh moving to the rhythm of their hearts
No lies being told tonight
They both melt together in the steamy atmosphere
As he kissed her lips, lock on each other
The temperature rose between them as he felt between her
It was like a river violently rushing into a cascading waterfall
He slowly took his first ride
He lost control cause she felt part of his soul
His hands against her thighs
They were made to fit together
Her legs quivering, his mouth moaning
It was as if they were falling into darkness, yet they could see the light
And they alone could hear their silent screams
His hand moved slow from base to tip
He released it from his grip
Her hand wrapped around him, she felt him quiver
She kissed him by his neck and made his whole world shivered
He took his flight ,awesome vibrations with smooth penetrations
They were dancing without a dance floor
Running the tip of his tongue along her spine
Rose her pulse higher
She used her teeth to regain control, before letting reach his goal
She wasted his every love juice
Pressed up against his body moving up and down
slowly but firmly to bring satisfaction as she purred “yes”
Her grasps made him weak in the knees
He caused her to plead “more baby”
He’s her lockup man, her wildest desire
And he is chained in the flame of her satisfaction
He kissed her skin, delicate and sensual
Her scent intoxicated him
As the wind flowed the window above them
He had his volcanic eruption, a total meltdown
Casting a welcome light
Call it insanity, but this is their type of art!


_Lock & Key Exchange by WAK
–bell hooks, Communion: The Female Search for Love


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By:Phaniemili <3



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Made by: Phaniemili <3


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