The Demon in Me

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Love took me hostage
And I never got to see its face
There’s nothing worse
There’s nothing better
But the scars remains
Veins of the winter
The thoughts of love takes me over
As darkness comes closer
With this desire to murder
Every men who wishes to be my lover
I know the price of love never gets cheaper
Nothing else matters in this time and place
The night holds its breath
As my rules on love turns to death
Ive got the devil’s black heart
What a tormented heart
Awoke today without a soul
To avoid anymore weeping
I rather live free from any feelings
We love with such strong emotions
We care with pure devotions
Only to bring pain and fears
The shame, then the tears
In this darkness I choose to live
With this demon in me
Who’s pen I write these poems
Who’s blood is the ink on this paper
Words flow like venom, tongue of a snake
The fire in his eyes could strike you dead
He comes glowing with lust and crashes love to dust
My Words got misplaced on the wayl
Love only saw the picture
But never understood the story that laid underneath
Love didn’t make me blind
I just couldn’t see clearly
Now the cold truth has awoken me
You’ve made me what I am
You’ve unleashed the demon in me


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Made by: Phaniemili <3


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Life is like a plant
You plant the seed in your heart
You care for it
Because you love it
But just like an ordinary plant
The beauty never last
There’s nothing you can do
Life is a game
Like a football game
Over and over, Practices after practices
Because perfection comes slowly
Life is like the shadow on a wooden door
A destination for some dreamers
Life is the highest tower everyone tries to reach
It’s like seduction
That starts with music that dances along the keys
Loud, soft, allegro, moderato, and andante
With beautiful melodies
But notes that cannot be learned
Maybe it is true about what they say about life
But one has to find out by themselves
By playing the same game
Life plays with them




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