Mirror Mirror

So many questions to ask
So little answers to give
The pieces began to fall
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
Darkness fills my eyes
Craziness flows in my heart
No more blood, more like alcohol
Tic Toc I’m running out of time
My face divided into split sections
Cause I lost my sense of direction
Maybe I’ll drown myself in these tears
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
No more confident, more like self pity
I can’t apply my fake face no more, my facade of lies
You alone knows the truth
I just murdered love out my system
I see that girl in pain, who’s hope just faded away
That girl who just said goodbye to everything
That girl fighting to survive disasters, sadness
Fighting to survive hurt
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
I see this girl with big dreams
One who’s scared to break the cold and bitter night
One who only plays role but never gives out her soul
Convincing herself that’s its all fine
She don’t have to say a word, it’s in her eyes
Take me into the screaming silence of Hell
My memories are black, as a cold and lonesome night
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
A girl with a gun pointed to her as the world bang on their drum
Her soul is lost in a never-ending fight
Casting a spell for death
My will has been stolen without a fight
I’ve been tricked with a vision of paradise
I must confess I can’t escape this emptiness
I’m now questioning God , What is he about
Praying feels the same as begging
My vantage point is unstable
No place to rest this feeble soul
There’s nothing left to banish
That girl who feels the Nile of shadows passing through her window
I see the deepest thoughts within
The thoughts that tells me everyday
I’ll never shine with this caged spirit
Mirror, mirror what I see scares me
I see within my soul
Nothing but empty reflection
Nothing but blames
Nothing but shame
Nothing but hate
I’m the worst at everything
I feel it in the air everything just scares me
If this what you see when you look in the mirror then something is wrong
Mirror, mirror you’re nothing but a tease
Only gives partial truth in between lies
Which makes you Satan’s Best impersonation
If you’re too tamed to overcome what you see
Then you deserve what you see

(Picture from google)


4 Responses to “Mirror Mirror”

  1. Very strong emotions convey with the poem.

  2. Thank you @slmartin

  3. I love the line “Mirror, mirror, you’re nothing but a tease”! Wonderful.

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